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Next-generation sequencing

Effortless and effective NGS library normalization

You’ve prepared your NGS libraries and are eager to get started with sequencing right away. But wait, don’t you have to quantify your libraries first? Save time and ditch that traditional time-consuming library quantification method. With our QIAseq Normalizer Kit, you can easily pool libraries without the need for library quantification and still achieve qPCR-level accuracy. All it takes is 30 min. The specially developed, fast and cost-effective workflow lets you reliably normalize libraries across a wide range of concentrations. This means you can effortlessly achieve consistent and high-quality data and avoid issues like uneven representation of libraries.
  1. Normalized, ready-to-sequence libraries at 4 nmol/L
  2. Streamlined, 30-min benchtop protocol
  3. Gold-standard quality of qPCR without the long workflow
  4. Works with a broad range of concentrations from 15 to over 300 nmol/L
  5. Compatible with various types of libraries (whole genome, whole transcriptome and target-enriched libraries)
"QIAseq Library Normalizer Kit is fast, easy to use and easy to integrate into the library preparation workflow and outperformed the fluorimetry method without the need for library quantification."

Dr. Christine Haag, Senior Scientist, Department of Molecular Endocrinology, MVZ lab, Heidelberg, Germany

Without normalization:

  • High-concentration libraries are over-represented in the sequencing data, resulting in excess data and “wasting of reads”.
  • Low-concentration libraries are under-represented in the sequencing data and need to be re-sequenced, increasing costs and time.

With normalization:

  • Equally concentrated libraries are equally represented in the sequencing data.
  • A defined pool concentration ensures optimal cluster generation on Illumina instruments for successful runs.
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Next Generation sequencing
Maximize success in whole genome sequencing

Capture a comprehensive view of the genome with QIAseq FX technology. Benefit from all-enzymatic whole genome library prep of human, plant, animal and microbial samples from flexible DNA inputs of 20 pg –1 µg.

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Did you know that we offer automated options for library prep?

Combine the flexibility of QIAseq NGS technology with the convenience of automation to turbocharge your library prep and save hours of hands-on time for larger runs.