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Facing a new era in infectious disease control; unlocking complexity with molecular syndromic multiplex testing.

From COVID-19 to Mpox, emerging global outbreaks are consistently increasing and represent important public health threats. Rapid and accurate diagnostic tests are not only important for clinical microbiology laboratories and infectious diseases clinicians to improve patient treatment, but also to understand current epidemiology and public health management. Join us at QIAGEN´s integrated symposium to listen to experts who will review testing solutions from mpox to more established infectious diseases such as meningitis/encephalitis or gastroenteritis. The session will bring together laboratorians and clinicians to improve patient outcomes and gain new perspective into the post pandemic world.

TALK TITLE 1: Stopping the next pandemic: early diagnosis, rapid response
SPEAKER: Dr Christopher Dye

TALK TITLE 2: Utility and evaluation of rapid multiplex PCR testing for Syndromic Vesicular Disease
SPEAKER: Dr Kathy Jackson
TALK START TIME: minute 24

TALK TITLE 3: Gastrointestinal infections – unlocking the value of syndromic testing. Lessons learned from Region Zealand, Denmark.
SPEAKER: Dr Jørgen Engberg
TALK START TIME: minute 45

TALK TITLE 4: Central nervous system syndromic testing - analytical and clinical performance
SPEAKER: Dr Lilianna Gabrielli
TALK START TIME: minute 67

TALK TITLE 5: Syndromic Testing: Game Changer or Too Much of a Good Thing?
TALK START TIME: minute 91

Panel discussion and Q&A: minute 109

After the COVID-19 tide: exploring novel approaches in Infectious diseases diagnostics from syndromic to immune testing.

The uptake of COVID-19 vaccines has allowed many parts of the world to begin shifting from COVID-19 pandemic to endemic SARS-CoV-2. QIAGEN´s integrated symposium at ECCMID 2022 shares insights from the past 2 years of COVID-19, including themes from COVID-19's impact on respiratory pathogen epidemiology to assessing SARS-CoV-2 adaptive immunity utilising T-cell assays. Experts will review the paradigm shifts in molecular diagnostics from those focused-on influenza like illness (ILI) pathogens to more multiplexed solutions which provide an opportunity to bring together laboratorians and clinicians to improve patient outcomes and gain new perspective into the post pandemic world.

TALK TITLE 1: 2 years into the COVID-19 pandemic: how has infectious diseases diagnostic testing evolved
SPEAKER: Dr Benoit Visseaux

TALK TITLE 2: Syndromic testing in the age of COVID-19
SPEAKER: Dr Melissa Miller
TALK START TIME: minute 22

TALK TITLE 3: Vaccine-induced immunity to COVID-19: role of T-cell responses
SPEAKER: Dr Martina Sester
TALK START TIME: minute 52

TALK TITLE 4: Clinical utility of cycle threshold (Ct) values: lessons learned from COVID-19 and application in the future
SPEAKER: Dr Nathan Ledeboer T
ALK START TIME: minute 75

Panel discussion – Q&A: minute 105

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