Three generation of woman are food shopping at the local grocery store, the youngest is heavily pregnant.
Gynecological and maternal health

Supporting gynecological and maternal health

Our foundation in molecular diagnostics is rooted in women’s health. Committed to ensuring the health and safety of women throughout the seasons of life, we offer a product portfolio that aims to provide objective, accurate information to help guide clinical decisions during critical moments.
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Rupture of membranes (ROM) testing

When ROM is suspected, do you have the diagnostic tools you need to help guide next steps? AmniSure is the world’s leading biomarker test for the detection of ROM.

HPV testing for low resource areas

Cervical cancer disproportionately affects women in developing countries with a healthcare system lacking in infrastructure, funding, access, and skilled personnel. careHPV is a WHO pre-qualified HPV screening test developed for limited resource settings and emerging markets.

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High-risk HPV testing

The digene HC2 HR HPV Test is the internationally recognized gold standard for high-risk HPV testing. No other HPV test has the same level of documented performance in large-scale, independent clinical studies.