Next-Generation Sequencing

Maximize the yield of your miRNA sequencing
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Our QIAseq solutions are designed to maximize the yield of your miRNA sequencing experiments. The QIAseq miRNA Library Kit virtually eliminates adapter dimerization and unwanted RNA species. The reaction chemistry facilitates preparation of robust, miRNA-specific libraries with a gel-free workflow from as little as 1 ng of total RNA. Plus, Unique Molecular Indices (UMIs) tag each miRNA at an early stage, eliminating PCR and sequencing bias.

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QIAseq miRNA library QC spike-in (96), QIAseq miRNA Library QC PCR Panel Kit, QIAseq miRNA Library QC qPCR Assay Kit
For evaluating RNA sample quality prior to miRNA/small RNA NGS library preparation and for assessing NGS performance post-sequencing
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QIAseq miRNA NGS Kit
Gel-free miRNA Sample to Insight solution for differential expression analysis and novel discovery using next-generation sequencing
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