EZ1&2 Virus Mini Kit v2.0

For automated purification of viral nucleic acids from 1–24 samples per run


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EZ1&2 Virus Mini Kit v2.0 (48)

Cat. No. / ID:  955134

For 48 preps: Reagent Cartridges (Virus Mini v2.0), Disposable Filter-Tips, Disposable Tip-Holders, Sample Tubes (2 ml), Elution Tubes (1.5 ml), Buffer AVE, carrier RNA
DKK 4,165.00
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The name of this kit was changed from "EZ1 Virus Mini Kit v2.0" to "EZ1&2 Virus Mini Kit v2.0" to demonstrate that it is compatible with the new EZ2 Connect instruments as well as the EZ1 instruments. No changes were made to the well-established kit technology.
The EZ1&2 Virus Mini Kit v2.0 is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

✓ 24/7 automatic processing of online orders

✓ Knowledgeable and professional Product & Technical Support

✓ Fast and reliable (re)-ordering


  • Simultaneous purification of viral DNA and RNA
  • Higher analytical sensitivity, even with low viral titers
  • Highly reproducible results
  • Linear yields from a wide range of viral titers
  • Prefilled, sealed reagent cartridges for easy handling

Product Details

The EZ1&2 Virus Mini Kit v2.0 provides a fully automated procedure for simultaneous purification of viral DNA and RNA from serum, plasma, CSF, urine, respiratory samples, and other cell-free body fluids for sensitive analytical detection in downstream assays. The kit provides optimized binding conditions for more robust and reproducible capture of nucleic acids, and improved wash conditions for higher analytical sensitivity in downstream assays.

The EZ1 DSP Virus Kit is also available for viral nucleic acid purification for in vitro diagnostics (not available in all countries).

The EZ1&2 Virus Mini Kit v2.0 is automated with the EZ2 Connect (1–24 samples per run). This kit can also be used with the EZ1 Advanced XL (1–14 samples per run).


Automated purification with the EZ1&2 Virus Mini Kit v2.0 requires use of one of the following:

  • the EZ2 Connect
  • the EZ1 Advanced XL and the EZ1 Advanced XL Virus Card v2.0

EZ1 cards are preprogrammed with protocols that guide the user through worktable setup and provide the instrument with commands for the purification procedure.

Using silica-coated magnetic-particle technology, the easy-to-use instrument allows purification of 1–24 samples (EZ2 Connect) or 1–14 samples (EZ1 Advanced XL) in a single run. Prefilled and sealed reagent cartridges and the automatic sensor-controlled lock of the instrument door reduce the chances of environmental contamination or degradation due to RNases.


Serum or plasma samples (100 µl, 200 µl, or 400 µl) are loaded onto the instrument, and viral nucleic acids are purified in one step following the automated EZ1&2 Virus procedure. Viral nucleic acids are eluted in a volume of 150 µl, 120 µl, 90 µl or 60 µl and are ready to use in downstream applications.

The instrument makes viral nucleic acid purification convenient and reliable. The EZ1&2 Virus Mini Kit v2.0 provides prefilled, sealed reagent cartridges that help to prevent human error during setup of the instrument.


ApplicationsPCR, real-time RT-PCR
Elution volume50–200 µl
TechnologyMagnetic particles
For automated processingEZ2 Connect instruments or EZ1 Advanced XL
Sample amount100 µl, 200 µl, 400 µl
FormatSample tube
Purification of total RNA, miRNA, poly A+ mRNA, DNA or proteinViral DNA, viral RNA
Time per run or per prep40 minutes
Main sample typeSerum, plasma


Quick-Start Protocols (3)
EZ1&2 Virus Mini Kit v2.0
For use with EZ2 Connect instruments
Kit Handbooks (2)
EZ1&2 Virus Mini Kit v2.0
For automated, simultaneous purification of viral DNA and RNA, and bacterial DNA using EZ2® Connect instruments
EZ1&2 Virus Handbook
PDF (591KB)
EZ1&2 Virus Mini Kit v2.0
For automated, simultaneous purification of viral DNA and RNA, and bacterial DNA, from 1-14 samples of serum, plasma, and CSF, urine, whole blood, and stool, transport media, respiratory samples, and dried swab samples using EZ1 instruments
Brochures & Guides (1)
Fully automated low- to medium-throughput purification of nucleic acids
Safety Data Sheets (1)
Certificates of Analysis (1)


Is training of lab personnel included with the purchase of a BioRobot EZ1?

Operation of the BioRobot EZ1 is so easy that no additional training other than the initial demo is needed. Operating the instrument requires only three major steps:

  • Insert the appropriate EZ1 Protocol Card, switch on the workstation, and, if necessary, select the appropriate protocol
  • Follow the instructions on the liquid-crystal display (LCD), which describes where the sample tubes, elution tubes, filter tips, and EZ1 Reagent Cartridges must be loaded and which indicates when to start the protocol run
  • Collect purified nucleic acids when the protocol run ends


FAQ ID -1239
How can we get our BioRobot EZ1 upgraded when new protocols are launched?

Protocols for nucleic acid purification are supplied on pre-programmed EZ1 Protocol Cards. These protocols provide both on-screen instructions for the operator and operating commands for the workstation. The range of kits and protocols for the EZ1 is continuously expanding to allow nucleic acid purification from a wide range of sample types. Please browse our Supplementary Protocol Section to find specialized EZ1 protocols for a large variety of clinical sample types, in addition to the standard sample types covered in our EZ1 handbooks.


FAQ ID -1241
Where can I find information about the worktable setup on the BioRobot EZ1?

Loading of sample tubes, elution tubes, filter-tips, and Reagent Cartridges onto the worktable of the BioRobot EZ1 is intuitive, easy and quick. Details about worktable setup are provided with each new protocol, and are also displayed in the liquid-crystal display (LCD) of the control panel when you start setup of the worktable.


FAQ ID -1243
Do the foils sealing the EZ1 Reagent Cartridges have to be manually removed prior to loading the robot?

No, prefilled Reagent Cartridges can be loaded onto the BioRobot EZ1 with their seals. During operation of the instrument, the piercing unit, a row of 6 metal spikes located behind the tip adapters, will puncture the foil of the cartridges, thereby exposing the reagents.


FAQ ID -1240
What disposables are required for nucleic acid isolations on the BioRobot EZ1?

No extra accessories need to be purchased for the BioRobot EZ1, as sample and elution tubes, as well as tips and tip holders are included with each EZ1 DNA or RNA isolation kit.


FAQ ID -1246