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Cancer Genomics

Are you looking to understand the diversity in the genetic abnormalities found within cancers of a single type and tumor mutational burden in metastatic cases? Or to identify which genetic changes initiate cancer development and discover rare genetic alterations – maybe using cancer DNA methylation to investigate cancer epigenetics. Or is your goal to understand the role of the adaptive immune system: when it is intact and how it mobilizes to fight cancer. Do you need to manage and analyze the vast amounts of data involved in genomic studies?

You can rely on QIAGEN to provide the tools and in-depth understanding of technologies for cancer genomics. That allows you to speed up your cancer genomics research and helps you to accelerate your insight journey.

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Recognizing trends in cancer research can help to accelerate our knowledge and push the field forward. Share your opinion on hot topics and see the results with our live polls. Look out for them on our community pages and let us know if you have an idea for a new poll.

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Successful biomarker profiling from FFPE samples the tips and tricks series

QIAGEN scientists share their expertise:

  • How to best prepare DNA or RNA – or both from this challenging sample type? 
  • How to best analyze DNA methylation patterns by NGS from FFPE samples?
  • What is the impact of amplicon length and DNA input quantity for methylation analysis by pyrosequencing?

Get answers on these questions and many more in our talk series

Featured citation:

Novel Gene Fusions in Glioblastoma Tumor Tissue and Matched Patient Plasma Cancers 2020, 12, 1219; doi:10.3390/cancers12051219

Wang, L. et al. use targeted RNA sequencing to screen for RNA fusion transcripts from glioblastoma tissue and extracellular vesicles. 

QIAGEN products featured: RNeasy Mini Kit, exoRNeasy Maxi Kit, QIAseq Targeted RNAscan Human Oncology Panel, GeneGlobe Data Analysis Center

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Recommended products for fusion gene analysis: