QIAcard FTA PlantSaver

For field sample collection, storage and transport of insects, plants and fungi at room temperature

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QIAcard FTA PlantSaver (100), 4 sample areas per card

Cat. No. / ID:  WB120065

100 cards
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The QIAcard FTA PlantSaver is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.
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  • Long term storage of precious sample material
  • FTA technology enables safe storage and analysis of precious samples for detecting GMOs
  • Detection of plant- or insect-transmitted pathogens
  • Less biohazard risks due to e.g., virus or bacteria inactivation

Product Details

The QIAcard FTA PlantSaver format with 4 sample areas includes a laminated flap that allows you to vigorously crush plant or insect samples into the FTA matrix without damaging the FTA card.


Plant tissue is physically crushed on the card and the DNA binds to the matrix. The chemical coating on the FTA card protects the DNA from degradation and allows the cards to be stored at room temperature for extended periods of time. To prepare the sample for PCR, the matrix is washed with two nontoxic aqueous buffers. The DNA remains bound to the matrix throughout purification and a small disk (1.2 or 2 mm in diameter) of the matrix provides enough template for PCR analysis.


DNA is captured and stabilized by pressing plant samples onto the FTA matrix or by applying sample homogenate. Samples can be collected and stored at room temperature, or higher, for convenient collection in the field. Smaller sample sizes are needed as only young leaves are required, reducing growing time and speeding research. Purification is fast, taking just 30 minutes. PCR-ready DNA is purified on FTA in 3 simple steps, all in a single tube at room temperature.


  • Analysis of plant DNA by PCR-based assays
  • Detection of Genetically Modified (GM) organisms
  • Marker selected breeding
  • Varietal identification
  • Phylogeny analysis
  • Amplification of low copy number loci
  • Invader™ assays
  • Multiple displacement amplification
  • Transgenic identification


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A reliable laboratory and field collection tool suitable for use in plant phylogenetics and population genetics

DNA collection with FTA technology
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