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RNeasy Micro Kit

For purification of up to 45 µg total RNA from cell and tissue samples
  • Fast procedure delivering high-quality total RNA in minutes
  • Ready-to-use RNA for high performance in any downstream application
  • Consistent RNA yields from very small amounts of starting material
  • No phenol/chloroform extraction
  • No CsCl gradients, no LiCl or ethanol precipitation

The RNeasy Micro Kit is designed for purification of up to 45 μg RNA from small cell and tissue samples. Tissue samples can be conveniently stabilized using RNAprotect Tissue Reagent or Allprotect Tissue Reagent, and efficiently disrupted using a TissueRuptor or TissueLyser system. RNA purification using the RNeasy Micro Kit can be fully automated on the QIAcube Connect. For larger samples, the RNeasy Mini Kit (spin-column binding capacity of 100 µg RNA), RNeasy Midi Kit (spin-column binding capacity of 1 mg RNA), and RNeasy Maxi Kit (spin-column binding capacity of 6 mg RNA) are also available.


Applications Northern, dot, and slot blotting, end-point RT-PCR, quantitative, real-time RT-PCR, array analysis, next-generation sequencing
Elution volume 10–14 µl
Format Spin column
Main sample type Tissue, cells
Processing Manual
Purification of total RNA, miRNA, poly A+ mRNA, DNA or protein RNA
Sample amount <5 mg
Technology Silica technology
Time per run or per prep 30–40 minutes
Yield Varies

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