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QuantiNova Multiplex PCR Kits

For ultrafast, multiplex, real-time PCR and two-step qRT-PCR using sequence-specific probes

  • Sensitive detection of up to 5 targets in 1 tube
  • Reliable quantification of low- and high-abundance targets
  • Up to 800ng template input for outstanding sensitivity
  • Visual pipetting control preventing human errors
  • Ultrafast and simple procedure increasing workflow efficiency
  • Room temperature reaction set up allows automated procedures

QuantiNova Multiplex PCR Kits enable fast and reliable quantification of up to 5 cDNA or gDNA targets in a single tube by multiplex, real-time PCR or two-step RT-PCR. Q-bond technology and an optimized master mix promote ultrafast multiplex real-time PCR within 1 hour. The combination of a unique hot start and PCR buffer system in the ready-to-use 4x master mix ensures highly sensitive qPCR on any real-time cycler without the need for optimization, also providing automated reaction set up options at room temperature.

An in-built tracking system for visual identification of correct pipetting prevents human errors, and the combination with QuantiNova Reverse Transcription Kit for cDNA synthesis allows inclusion of QuantiNova Internal Control RNA to monitor successful reverse transcription and qPCR.

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Cat No./ID: 205813
QuantiNova IC Probe Assay (200)
S Fr.194.00
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400 µl primer / probe mix (10x) for 200 reactions, detects Internal Control RNA; use with QuantiNova Probe PCR Kit or QuantiNova Probe RT-PCR Kit
Cat No./ID: 208452
QuantiNova Multiplex PCR Kit (100)
S Fr.211.00
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For 100 x 20µl reactions: 500µl QuantiNova Multiplex PCR Mastermix, 500µl yellow template dilution buffer, 250µl ROX reference dye, 1.9µl RNase-Free water

Cat No./ID: 208454
QuantiNova Multiplex PCR Kit (500)
S Fr.850.00
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For 500 x 20µl reactions: 2 x 1,3ml QuantiNova Multiplex PCR Mastermix, 500µl yellow template dilution buffer, 1 ml ROX reference dye, 3 x 1.9µl RNase-Free water

Cat No./ID: 208456
QuantiNova Multiplex PCR Kit (2500)
S Fr.3,404.00
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For 2500 x 20µl reactions: 10 x 1,3ml QuantiNova Multiplex PCR Mastermix, 2x 500µl yellow template dilution buffer, 5 x 1ml ROX reference dye, 20 x 1.9µl RNase-Free water

Product Details

Principle of the novel QuantiNova hot-start mechanism.

The QuantiNova DNA Polymerase is kept in an inactive state by the QuantiNova Antibody and QuantiNova Guard until the initial heat activation step.

Accurate reaction setup indicated by the built-in pipetting control.

The master mix contains an inert blue dye. Combined with QuantiNova Yellow Template Dilution Buffer, the resulting solution turns green, indicating that the reaction was set up correctly.

Unique multiplex PCR buffer promotes stable and efficient annealing.
[A] NH4+ ions prevent nonspecific primers from annealing to the template. Synthetic Factor MP, an innovative PCR additive, increases the local concentration of primers at the template. [B] Together with K+ and other cations, synthetic Factor MP stabilizes specifically bound primers, allowing efficient primer extension by DNA Polymerase.
Mechanism of fast cycling during annealing
[A] The proprietary PCR buffer contains Q-Bond, a molecule that facilitates the reduction of the annealing step to 5 seconds. Q-Bond increases the affinity of Taq DNA polymerases for short single-stranded DNA fragments, reducing the time needed for successful primer annealing. [B] Without Q-Bond, the primer and polymerase bind sequentially to the template, increasing the duration of the annealing step.

The special master mix supplied with QuantiNova Multiplex PCR Kits allows rapid setup of multiplex reactions and delivers successful results at the first attempt, providing multiplex PCR data that are comparable with singleplex PCR data. The highly concentrated 4x master mix accommodates up to 800ng template input ensuring outstanding sensitivity, even in up to 5-plex reactions. The kit can clearly distinguish between small differences in the amount of template and provides accurate quantification of targets of widely differing abundance.

A novel, antibody-mediated, hot-start mechanism (see figure Novel antibody mediated hot-start mechanism) ensures outstanding specificity and allows reaction set up at room temperature, ideally suited for automated procedures. The specially developed fast PCR buffer contains the additive Q-Bond, which significantly reduces annealing and extension times, allowing multiplex qPCR in less than one hour. The visual pipetting control prevents human errors (see figure Built-in pipetting control) and increases process safety, particularly if combined with the Internal Control RNA provided in the QuantiNova Reverse Transcription Kit for quantitative 2-step RT-PCR.
The QuantiNova Multiplex PCR Kit increases workflow efficiency by generating more insight from limited sample material by using ultrafast and in-process controlled multiplex qPCR.


QuantiNova Multiplex PCR Kits deliver highly sensitive and rapid results over a wide dynamic range on both standard and fast cyclers without optimization. The specially developed fast PCR buffer contains the additive Q-Bond, which significantly reduces annealing and extension times (see figure "Fast primer annealing").

Amplifying reference and target genes in the same reaction instead of in separate reactions increases the reliability of gene quantification by minimizing handling errors. Additionally the Internal Control RNA provided in the QuantiNova Reverse Transcription Kit for quantitative 2-step RT-PCR can be incorporated to monitor successful reverse transcription and qPCR.
QuantiNova Multiplex PCR Buffer includes a balanced combination of K+ and NH4+ ions as well as the unique synthetic Factor MP, which together promote stable and efficient annealing of primers and probes to the nucleic acid template, enabling high PCR efficiency (see figure "
Unique PCR buffer").

The master mix supplied with the QuantiNova Multiplex PCR Kit contains an inert blue dye that does not interfere with the real-time PCR, but increases visibility in the tube or well. The QuantiNova Yellow Template Dilution Buffer contains an inert yellow dye. When the template nucleic acid, diluted with the QuantiNova Yellow Template Dilution Buffer, is added to the master mix, the color of the solution changes from blue to green (see figure Built-in pipetting control), providing a visual indication of correct pipetting and reaction setup.

The QuantiNova Multiplex PCR Kit master mix can conveniently be stored at 2-8° C for up to 12 months, and also the reaction set up is extraordinary stable at room temperature, allowing automated procedures to increase efficiency and accuracy.


QuantiNova Multiplex PCR Kits contain ready-to-use 4x master mix that eliminate the need for optimization of reaction and cycling conditions. Simply add up to 800ng template DNA and primer-probe sets to the master mix and follow the protocol in the handbook to get fast and reliable results on any real-time cycler. Kits provide ROX passive reference dye in a separate tube, to adjust appropriate ROX concentration, if required for your instrument.

For optimal results in real-time two-step RT-PCR, we recommend synthesizing cDNA using the QuantiNova Reverse Transcription Kit, which provides fast cDNA synthesis in just 20 minutes with integrated removal of genomic DNA contamination. It additionally provides the QuantiNova Internal Control RNA, offering an in-process monitoring of successful reverse transcription and qPCR. 


QuantiNova Multiplex PCR Kits can be used for multiplex gene expression analysis of cDNA or gDNA targets on any real-time cycler. To fully exploit the capability of multiplex benefits, we recommend instruments providing up to 5-plex capacity, such as the Rotor-Gene Q.

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