Manage your orders, quotes, webinars, instruments and much more

My QIAGEN is an easy-to-use self-service portal personalized to your needs, enabling you to manage all of your different activities in one central place.

We developed features for My QIAGEN based on customer feedback and insights. Customers can now easily reorder, place bulk orders, apply quotes to their cart, and then track their order status.

Functionality in the dashboard allows you to monitor your instrument use and view the status of licenses and service agreements. But that’s not all. You can also access our exclusive content and services, such as webinars, handbooks and other documents. This information is tailored specifically to your needs. Personalization is the essence of My QIAGEN.

Your personalized dashboard – orders, webinars, instruments and more

My QIAGEN delivers the most relevant content right to your fingertips. Browse tailored scientific information, access your webinars and events, manage your instruments and support requests – and benefit from a personalized purchasing experience with convenient reordering and direct access to your quotes. Plus, you can also use My QIAGEN to manage your account details and marketing preferences.

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Exclusive access to content, webinars, events and relevant products

Take advantage of all upcoming events and our extensive collection of live and on-demand webinars to stay on top of the latest breakthroughs. Explore the latest applications, products and developments in your application area. With relevant product and content recommendations, My QIAGEN simplifies your daily lab life.

Easy order management and fast reordering

Manage your orders and restock your favorite lab essentials before you run out. Visit My QIAGEN to view your previous orders and easily reorder.

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Redeem your quotes – the fastest and most convenient way to order

Use quotes from your QIAGEN Sales Representative to order products directly online. See products, discounts and quantities to compare prices and easily place your order.

See your account pricing and exclusive special offers

Make the most out of the great savings you get as a My QIAGEN user. Whether you need kits and consumables, an instrument, a service product or you want to participate in an upcoming event, simply log in to see your account pricing. Browse our product portfolio and see how much you can save.


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