PICO technology from Actome detects proteins, protein interactions, and post-translational modifications of proteins. The PICO workflow is simple, enables parallel measurements and runs on QIAGEN's QIAcuity Digital PCR System.

PICO's advantages can best be illustrated by a striking new finding in the treatment of breast cancer. According to a recently published study on breast cancer treatment targeting HER2 overexpression, patients with low levels of HER2 expression may also benefit from anti-HER2 treatment, which demands better diagnostics. The latter, however, raises a question: how do we detect and quantify the low levels of HER2 required for these new applications? There is a limited amount of sample input material as well as a relatively low abundance of the target protein. How can we overcome these obstacles? In this webinar, we will show how PICO can help. But what if we ask further: what cellular functions are affected? How do cells react? It is likely that PICO holds the answers to these questions as well.

About the speaker
Dr. Csaba Jeney (M), Medical Doctor, Ph.D. in Medical Microbiology, Founder and CEO
Actome GmbH
Dr. Jeney is an expert in molecular technologies. He was an Assistant Professor at the Department of Microbiology, Semmelweis University of Medicine, Budapest School of Medicine and specializes in virology and molecular detection. He is now the head of research at Actome, also serving as co-CEO. Csaba Jeney has filed several patents related to DNA and protein detection methods and pre-cancer diagnostics. On the basis of these patents, Actome commercializes protein detection kits.He won the Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award 2006 for human cervical pre-cancer detection methods.
Andreas Hecker, Ph.D., Associate Director, Global Product Management, dPCR Chemistries and QIAcuity Plates
Andreas Hecker works as Associate Director, Global Product Management – dPCR Chemistries and QIAcuity Plates at QIAGEN. In his role, he is responsible for the dPCR kits and Nanoplates and works intensively on the product development roadmap. Before this position, Andreas held various product management positions in charge of different sample preparation products in two other companies. He holds a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Tübingen focusing on plant epigenetics and method development to study protein-protein interactions in living plant cells.
Date of recording:Wednesday, September 14, 2022
Duration:60 minutes
Biomedical Research
Digital PCR