The QIAcuity ecosystem

While using a QIAcuity Digital PCR System is a great foundation, it takes an ecosystem of supporting accessories, kits and assays for your digital PCR reaction to truly flourish.

You use different strategies to analyze gene expression, rare mutation detection and microbial quantification. Why struggle to find the right tools to turn those strategies into actionable insights? Explore the many options available in the QIAcuity ecosystem to customize your digital PCR runs to your specific application. 

If you’re looking for digital PCR benefits, data, publications and workflows unique to different applications, try our Digital PCR Applications e-booklet. You’ll find how to use digital PCR in 10 mutation analysis, gene expression, microbial testing, cell and gene therapy and more.

What, you don’t have a QIAcuity Digital PCR System yet?
You’ve been missing out on absolute quantification, automation capabilities, advanced multiplexing, flexible configurations and simple qPCR-like workflows that take 2 hours or less. And that’s not even all…