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QIAamp DSP DNA Blood Mini Kit

For purification of genomic DNA from human whole blood for in vitro diagnostic use
  • Universal DNA purification system compatible with other IVD products
  • Flexible sample collection
  • Compatible with different anticoagulants and tubes
  • Choice of centrifuge protocol or vacuum protocol

The QIAamp DSP DNA Blood Mini Kit provides silica-based DNA purification. The QIAamp DSP DNA Blood Mini Kit is designed for labs that process blood for in vitro diagnostic use. The procedure can be fully automated on the QIAcube.

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Cat No./ID: 61104
QIAamp DSP DNA Blood Mini Kit
For 50 preps: QIAamp Mini Spin Columns, Buffers, Reagents, Tubes, VacConnectors

The QIAamp DSP DNA Blood Mini Kit is intended for in vitro diagnostic use.

Product Details

QIAamp DSP DNA Blood Mini Kit workflow.

Universal DNA purification system easily fits into diagnostic workflows.

QIAamp DSP DNA Blood Mini Kit procedure.

Genomic DNA is purified with a spin procedure (with centrifuge) or a vacuum procedure (with vacuum manifold and centrifuge).

DNA from frozen and thawed blood.

EDTA-treated blood samples were frozen and thawed up to 3 times. DNA was purified at the end of each freeze-thaw cycle. DNA was purified from 200 µl samples using the QIAamp DSP DNA Blood Mini Kit and eluted in 200 µl elution buffer. DNA yields are normalized to the yield from fresh sample (100%). Each bar represents the results from 32 replicates (mean ± standard deviation).


Genomic DNA purified using the QIAamp DSP DNA Blood Mini Kit is ready to use in downstream applications like those based on enzymatic amplification or other modification, such as PCR.

Whole blood samples can be collected using many types of anticoagulant-containing tubes (EDTA or citrate), including BD Vacutainer, Monovette, and Vacuette tubes (see table). Blood samples can be frozen and thawed at least 3 times and still be a reliable source for DNA purification (see figure "DNA from frozen and thawed blood").

Blood collection using a range of different tubes
Primary tube Manufacturer Cat. no. Nominal volumeAverage yield from 200 µl
BD Vacutainer 9NC BD 366007    9 ml 6.4 µg
BD Vacutainer K3E BD 368457  10 ml 6.6 µg
BD Vacutainer K2E BD 367864    6 ml 6.4 µg
S-Monovette EDTA Sarstedt 02.1066.001    9 ml 6.5 µg
S-Monovette CPDA1 Sarstedt 01.1610.001 8.5 ml 6.3 µg
Vacuette K3E Greiner Bio-One 455036    9 ml 6.5 µg
Vacuette 9NC Greiner Bio-One 454382    2 ml 6.3 µg
For each type of primary tube, blood was collected from 11 donors. For each donor, DNA was purified from 200 μl samples in triplicate using the QIAamp DSP DNA Blood Mini Kit and eluted in 200 µl elution buffer. The table shows average DNA yields from 33 purification procedures.


The QIAamp DSP DNA Blood Mini Kit uses well-established QIAamp technology for purifying genomic DNA. The QIAamp silica-based membrane specifically binds DNA in the lysed sample, while the rest of the lysate is rapidly removed by either centrifugation or vacuum. The bound DNA is efficiently washed to remove contaminants and then eluted in volumes of 50–200 µl.


Genomic DNA is purified from blood using one of 2 alternative procedures, using a centrifuge or using a vacuum manifold and centrifuge (see flowchart "Procedure"). The universal DNA purification system allows compatibility with other in vitro diagnostic products (see "Workflow").

The EDTA- or citrate-containing blood sample (200 µl) is lysed in the presence of QIAGEN Protease and lysis buffer at 56°C for 10 minutes. Ethanol is then added to the lysate to optimize binding of DNA to the QIAamp membrane. The lysate is applied to a QIAamp Mini spin column, which is then centrifuged or subjected to vacuum pressure. DNA binds to the QIAamp membrane in the spin column, and the rest of the lysate passes through. Bound DNA is efficiently washed by 2 different wash buffers, which are also drawn through the QIAamp membrane by centrifugation or vacuum pressure. The QIAamp membrane is then dried by centrifugation. Elution buffer (50–200 µl) is applied to the QIAamp membrane and, after a 1-minute incubation, the spin column is centrifuged to elute pure DNA.

Purification of DNA using the QIAamp DSP DNA Blood Mini Kit can be fully automated on the QIAcube. If automating the QIAamp DSP DNA Blood Mini Kit on the QIAcube instrument, the instrument may process fewer than 50 samples due to dead volumes, evaporation, and additional reagent consumption by automated pipetting. QIAGEN only guarantees 50 sample preps with manual use of the QIAamp DSP DNA Blood Mini Kit.


The QIAamp DSP DNA Blood Mini Kit provides proven QIAamp technology for purification of DNA from fresh or frozen whole blood, as well as blood that has been treated with citrate or EDTA.


Applications PCR, qPCR, real-time RT-PCR, microarray
CE/FDA/IVD compatible CE/IVD
Elution volume 50–200 µl
Format Spin columns
Main sample type Whole blood
Processing Manual (centrifugation or vacuum)
Purification of total RNA, miRNA, poly A+ mRNA, DNA or protein Genomic DNA
Sample amount 200 µl
Technology Silica technology
Time per run or per prep 20 minutes
Yield 6.3–6.5 µg

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