Which variants of the EasyXtal 15-well tool are available?

Four variants of the EasyXtal 15-well Tool are available, each in packs of 20 or 100 (100 = 5x20). The only difference is in the type of screwcaps (crystallization supports) used:

  1. EasyXtal 15-well Tool ( cat. no. 132006): standard with flat surface and standard white silicone O-ring -> For standard applications
  2. EasyXtal 15-well Tool X-seal ( cat. no. 132008) standard with flat surface and extra tight sealing (X-seal) black O-ring -> For solutions with volatile components (organic solvents)
  3. EasyXtal 15-well DG-Tool (cat. no. 132106) Dropguard with standard white silicone O-ring -> Multiwell setup for 3 small (1µl) or large (2µl) drops
  4. EasyXtal 15-well DG-Tool X-seal (cat. no. 132108) Dropguard with extra tight sealing (x-seal) black O-ring -> Multiwell setup using volatile solutions




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