3213 - How much ethanol should be added to Buffer AP3/E (renamed to Buffer AW1) and Buffer AW (renamed to Buffer AW2) in the DNeasy Plant kit?

Th composition and contents of Buffer AP3/E (renamed to buffer AW1) and Buffer AW (renamed to buffer AW2) remain unchanged.


Be aware that Buffer AW1 is also a wash buffer for many of our QIAamp and DNeasy Blood & Tissue kits. The amount of ethanol that needs to be added to the Buffer AW1 depends on the kit it comes with.


Buffer AW1 is used as a binding buffer in the DNeasy Plant kits; 2 volumes of ethanol must be added to it(please consult the label for the kit).


Buffer AW1 is used as a wash buffer in other kits ( 1.3 volumes of ethanol are added here).


Buffer AW2 is treated the same in all kits since it is always used as a wash buffer (add the appropriate amount of ethanol (96-100%) as mentioned on the bottle to obtain a working solution).


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