How can I load new protocols onto the QIAcube Connect?

Visit the QIAcube Protocols page to search for protocols. The instructions for transferring a protocol to the QIAcube are listed below.
1. Select the protocol to be downloaded.
2. Save zip-file containing protocol to Main Folder.
3. Unzip the protocol file.
4. Copy the zip-file of the extracted zip-file to “Protocol_Upload” folder on the USB stick.
5. Make sure that the QIAcube Connect is switched on.
6. To install the protocol, connect the USB stick to the QIAcube Connect via the USB port, which is located at the front left of the instrument.
7. In the main menu, press “Configuration” icon.
8. Select “Protocols” tab.
9. To transfer protocols to the QIAcube Connect, press “Copy from USB”.
Note: Protocols already installed on the QIAcube that have the same name as downloaded protocols will not be overwritten.



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