How can drying out of the gel cartridge tips used on the QIAxcel System and QIAxcel Advanced be prevented?

If the gel cartridge tips for the QIAxcel System and QIAxcel Advanced are in contact with air, the tips will dry out. There are 3 ways of preventing the tips from drying.

  1. Store the cartridge in the instrument with the instrument in the “Park” position. The washing solution (8 ml) covered with mineral oil must be in the “Park” position of the Solution Tray. 
  2. Store the cartridge in the Cartridge Stand with enough mineral oil in the well of the Cartridge Stand to cover the capillary tips. The Cartridge Stand should only be used for short term storage, i.e. when changing cartridges during one working day. 
  3. Place the cartridge back into its packaging with the capillary tips gently inserted into the soft gel in the box.

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