How can foaming of Buffer RLT Plus lysates be avoided when using RNeasy Plus Micro and Mini Kits, or the Allprep DNA/RNA Mini Kit?

When using the RNeasy Plus Micro and RNeasy Plus Mini Kits, or the Allprep DNA/RNA Mini Kit, foaming of lysates can be substantially reduced by adding Reagent DX to Buffer RLT Plus at a final concentration of 0.5% (v/v) before starting sample lysis.

Reagent DX has been carefully tested with RNeasy Plus and Allprep Kits and has no effect on RNA purity or on downstream applications. Reagent DX can be purchased separately using catalog number 19088.

For more information on efficient sample disruption and homogenization for nucleic acid extractions, please see further product details and resources for the TissueRuptor, TissueLyser LT, and TissueLyser II.


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