What is the binding capacity of the Ni-NTA Superflow Cartridges?

The binding capacity of Ni-NTA resins is protein dependent. We guarantee a binding capacity of up to 20 mg/ml of Ni-NTA Superflow for every 6xHis-tagged protein (up to 20 mg per 1 ml Ni-NTA Superflow Cartridge).

However, we have examples where the binding capacity is higher (e.g.: 6xHis-CAT: 30 mg/ml resin; 6xHis-GFP: 55 mg/ml resin).

  • Binding capacity for the 1 ml Ni-NTA Superflow Cartridge: 20 mg
  • Binding capacity for the 5 ml Ni-NTA Superflow Cartridge: 100 mg



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