How can I improve the performance of the HiSpeed QIAprecipitator module?

When using the QIAprecipitator module of the HiSpeed Plasmid Midi- or Maxi Kits, make sure to dry the membrane by pressing air through the QIAprecipitator at least twice. Dry the outlet nozzle of the QIAprecipitator with absorbent paper. This will prevent carry-over of alcohol into the eluate and enable optimal performance of the extracted DNA downstream.

Do not load eluate from from several columns on the QIAprecipitator, and be sure that the correct precipitator size is used for the corresponding HiSpeed Tip. Do not replace the isopropanol with ethanol for precipitation, since the use of ethanol will lead to a finer precipitate that can clog the module.

To prevent breakage and leakage of the module it is important to avoid excessive force, bending, or twisting while attaching the QIAprecipitator to the syringe. Do not stress the inlet by resting one edge of the QIAprecipitator on a hard surface (e.g., the edge of a sink) and depressing the syringe plunger. Always apply gentle, even, pressure perpendicularly to the QIAprecipitator.


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