What do I do if the QIAcube HT or QIAxtractor software runs in virtual mode while the instrument is connected to the computer?

Make sure the QIAcube HT or QIAxtractor software uses the same COM port number as assigned to the QIAcube HT or QIAxtractor instrument on the computer. The COM port setting can be checked by clicking Options\Robot Setup\Select COM port in the QIAcube HT or QIAxtractor software.


Ensure that the cable between the instrument and the computer is securely inserted. Power on the instrument first, and then launch the QIAxtractor/QIAcube HT software. 


The instrument has both RS-232 (serial) and USB interfaces for computer connection. Try an RS-232 cable if the communication cannot be established between the instrument and computer with a USB cable.


If the issue persists, please contact QIAGEN Technical Services.



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