The EpiTect ChIP qPCR primers I used show very high Ct. Are there any solutions?

It is not reliable to interpret your results when the EpiTect ChIP qPCR primers show high Ct, especially over 34, in all three fractions: input, specific antibody and control IgG. That is because

1). Error occurs with high Ct;

2) The PCR with high Ct might not produce the real amplicon. It could be just the background noise. With our ChIP PCR Primers, you should see Ct at 24-30 at least in the input fraction with recommended ChIP starting material.

In addition, our ChIP PCR Primers meet all the essential requirements for accurate and reliable delta-delta Ct calculations using real ChIP DNA samples. Also they are available within a 30 kb promoter region around every transcription start site (TSS) in the RefSeq database.


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