Do you have WGA protocols for starting materials not mentioned in the REPLI-g Handbooks?

Yes, we have a set of Specialized Protocols, using the REPLI-g Midi Kit, for direct whole genome amplification from the following starting materials:

  • flash-frozen tissue sections
  • laser-microdissected cells
  • cells contained in plasma and serum
  • dried blood spots
  • buccal cells

These protocols are available as Supplementary Protocols on our website on the REPLI-g Midi product page.

The protocols for the REPLI-g Midi Kit may be adapted for use with the REPLI-g Mini Kit, using the same reaction setup. In rare cases, potential inhibitors present in the starting material may have inhibitory effects on amplification when using the REPLI-g Mini Kit. In these cases, we recommend using the REPLI-g Midi Kit. Alternatively, upstream gDNA purification can be performed, for example, using a QIAamp Kit, with subsequent whole genome amplification of the purified DNA following the standard protocol in the REPLI-g Mini/Midi Handbook.

Since QIAGEN customers are a major resource of information regarding advanced or specialized use of our products, we are looking forward to hear back from you if you would like to share your experience on a new application with us.





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