What is the composition of buffer OL2?

The composition of Buffer OL2 is:

  • 700 mM urea
  • 500 mM NaCl
  • 50 mM HEPES, pH 7.8
  • 1% SDS

Add before use:

  • 1% (v/v) beta-mercaptoethanol (or 10 mM DTT)
  • 5 µl/ml QIAGEN Proteinase K solution (optional)

Note: Buffer OL2 is stable for 2 weeks at room temperature. If stored for longer periods of time, the pH should be adjusted to 7.8 immediately prior to use. Do not autoclave.

Buffer OL2 is an alternative lysis buffer used in combination with Oligotex Direct mRNA Kits for the isolation of poly-A mRNA directly from cultured cells or tissues, when a reduction of rRNA background and proteinase K digestion are desired.


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