What is a QIAshredder? Is it sufficient for complete disruption and homogenization of my tissue sample?

The QIAshredder is a unique biopolymer shredding system in a microcentrifuge spin-column format. It homogenizes cell or tissue lysates to reduce viscosity. Homogenization shears the high-molecular weight genomic DNA and other high-molecular-weight cellular components to create a homogenous lysate. The QIAshredder is chemically inert and will not bind nucleic acids.

It cannot replace tissue disruption or enzymatic cell wall lysis by mechanical and chemical methods, respectively. Both, efficient cell wall disruption and lysate homogenization are fundamental for successful RNA isolation from all types of samples. Once complete disruption has been achieved, the QIAshredder Homogenizer can be used in place of needle and syringe, or rotor-stator homogenization.

For further information regarding sample disruption and homogenization please refer to the 'Disruption and homogenization of starting materials' section in the RNeasy Mini Handbook, and see FAQ 139.



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