What else do I need to complete an experiment using the SureSilencing shRNA Plasmids?

To perform a complete and successful experiment with the SureSilencing shRNA Plasmids, you will also need the following reagents: competent E. coli cells (with LB, agar, and ampicillin), a transfection reagent (we recommend using Attractene Transfection Reagent), neomycin (if performing a stable transfection with neomycin plasmids), puromycin (if performing a stable transfection with puromycin plasmids). If you intend to utilize shRNA plasmids carrying the GFP expression cassette, you will need to have access to a FACS core facility. You will also need reliable qRT-PCR reagents for definitive validation of gene expression knock down. QIAGEN offers a complete line of exceptional qRT-PCR reagents. These include RT2 First Strand Kit (330401); complementary RT2 qPCR Primer Assays and RT2 SYBR GreenMastermixes; and RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays.

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