How much starting material can be used with the QIAsymphony DNA Mini Kit on the QIAsymphony SP?

The maximum amount of tissue that can be processed on the QIAsymphony SP using QIAsymphony DNA Mini Kit is 50 mg, and the maximum number of cultured cells is 1 x 107.

See details for upper limits of various starting materials in the table below:


Sample type Sample amount Protocol
Heart 25 mg Tissue Standard
Spleen 25 mg Tissue High Content
Lung 25 mg Tissue Standard
Liver 25 mg Tissue High Content
Kidney 25 mg Tissue Standard
Muscle 50 mg Tissue Standard
Mouse tail 0.8 cm Tissue Standard
Jurkat Cells 2 x 10e6 Tissue Standard
Jurkat Cells 1 x 10e7 Tissue High Content


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