How can I optimize the transfection of oligos and large plasmids using PolyFect Transfection Reagent?

For the transfection of oligonucleotides and/or large vector constructs (>20 kb) using PolyFect Transfection Reagent, we recommend performing optimization trials to determine the optimal Transfection Reagent/DNA ratio. The amounts of DNA and Reagent provided in the PolyFect Transfection Reagent Handbook can be used as a guideline.

We suggest to start optimization using a range between half and twice the recommended amount of PolyFect Transfection Reagent while keeping the DNA amount constant, as well as using half and twice the recommended amount of DNA while keeping the amount of PolyFect Transfection Reagent constant. For increasing the transfection efficiency of adherent cells you can use the Attractene Transfection Reagent, or of primary cells and difficult-to-transfect cells using Effectene Transfection Reagent. "


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