Which Anti-His Antibody is the most sensitive for my protein of interest?

Penta-His and Tetra-His Antibody bind to proteins that have 6xHis tags regardless of the surrounding amino-acids, even when the tag is partially hidden. Subtle differences in the antigen recognition sites of these antibodies mean that some 6xHis-tagged proteins are detected with higher sensitivity by one Anti-His Antibody than by the others (see figure below). Therefore, to achieve optimum results, we recommend comparison of these antibodies in parallel for new applications and proteins. QIAGEN offers the Anti-His Antibody Selector Kit for this purpose.


Sensitivity of QIAexpress Anti·His Antibodies


Note:  RGS His Antibody regonizes the RGS(His)4 epitope that is found on proteins endcoded by most pQE vectors as well as several pRSETan pBlue BacHis -vectors from Invitrogen.


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