What Disinfectant Solution do you recommend for the BioRobot MDx?

The following disinfectants and detergents are recommended for cleaning the BioRobot MDx:

  • Mikrozid® Liquid (Schülke & Mayr GmbH; www.schuelke-mayr.com )* — ethanol-based disinfectant for cleaning surfaces, such as the worktable and the tip-disposal station (consists of 25 g ethanol and 35 g 1-propanol per 100 g Mikrozid Liquid) 
  • Lysetol® AF or Gigasept® Instru AF (Schülke & Mayr GmbH)* — quaternary ammonium solution for submerging worktable items, such as holders and adapters (consists of 14 g cocospropylene-diamine-guanidine diacetate, 35 g phenoxypropanols, and 2.5 g benzalkonium chloride per 100 g, with anticorrosion components, fragrance, and 15–30% nonionic surfactants)
  • RBS®-35 Detergent Concentrate (Pierce Chemical Co.; www.piercenet.com )* — anionic and nonionic surfactant based detergent for cleaning the system liquid container

Note: If you want to use disinfectants different from those recommended, ensure that their compositions are similar to those described above. A suitable alternative to Lysetol AF or Gigasept Instru AF is DECON-QUAT® 100 (Veltek Associates, Inc.; www.sterile.com ).*

Do not use bleach to clean or disinfect the instrument. Bleach in contact with salts from the buffers can produce toxic fumes.


* This is not a complete list of suppliers and does not include many important vendors of biological supplies.


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