What is the average RNA yield from PAXgene Tissue fixed, paraffin-embedded (PFPE) tissue?

RNA yield depends on several parameters, such as tissue type, period of cold ischemia (time from resection until fixation), fixation time (ideally 2 to 4 hours), processing protocol used, storage conditions, and age of the PFPE. In one study for 100 mm² PFPE tissue with 10 µm thickness, median yield for rat liver was 4.2 µg (n=58), for kidney 2.2 µg (n=58), for spleen 4.7 µg (n=58), for intestine 4.7 µg (n=58), and for lung 0.9 µg (n=58) RNA (see technical note "Yield, purity, and integrity of RNA purified from PAXgene Tissue fixed, paraffin-embedded (PFPE) rat tissue.")

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