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NeuMoDx | Automated PCR

NeuMoDx Assays


  • Completely automated workflow
  • Proprietary microfluidic cartridge, allowing you to run 12 reactions at once
  • Results in 60–90 minutes with up to 8 hours of walk-away time
  • Easy-to-use three-step operation for improved lab productivity and speed
  • Room-temperature-stable reagents and consumables eliminates the need for cold chain shipment and storage

The NeuMoDx system makes it easier to automate your assays with no batching and reduced waste from a fully integrated three-step workflow. Simply load your materials, add your samples and let the NeuMoDx system do the rest. 


The NeuMoDx Systems use a combination of heat, lytic enzymes and extraction reagents to perform lysis, NeuMoDx runs include DNA and RNA extraction and inactivation and/or removal of inhibitors from unprocessed specimens prior to presenting the extracted nucleic acid for detection by realtime RT-PCR or PCR.

NeuMoDx runs integrate the following:

  • Nucleic acid extraction
  • Real-time PCR
  • Detection


NeuMoDx assays are performed with these three easy steps:

  1. Add universal reagents, consumables and buffers to carriers and place on the worktable.
  2. Add samples in any order for any assay into carriers and place on the worktable.
  3. Press “Load” to start the run.


The NeuMoDx Assays and reagents are available for the following:

  • Respiratory infections

Here you can download Instructions for Use (IFU) for your NeuMoDx Assay. Note that not all NeuMoDx Assays are available for your country. Product claims may differ from country to country based on regulations and approvals. Contact your country representative for further details.

NeuMoDx Assays for respiratory infections;  available under IVDD or,  in the United States, under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)
Cat. no. Product name IFU
300900 NeuMoDx Flu A-B/RSV/SARS-CoV-2 Vantage Assay (available outside
the United States under IVDDR and in the United States under EUA)
Available soon
300800 NeuMoDx SARS-CoV-2 Test Strip (available outside
the United States under IVDD and in the United States under EUA)  
Available soon

NeuMoDx accessories, reagents and consumables
Cat. no.  Product name IFU 
 100400   NeuMoDx Probe/Primer Strip  Available soon
 210100  NeuMoDx LDT Master Mix, DNA  Available soon
 310100    NeuMoDx LDT Master Mix, RNA  Available soon
 100100    NeuMoDx Cartridge  Available soon
 100200    NeuMoDx Extraction Plate  Available soon
 400100    NeuMoDx Wash Reagent  Available soon
 400200    NeuMoDx Release Reagent  Available soon
 400400    NeuMoDx Lysis Buffer 1  Available soon
 400500    NeuMoDx Lysis Buffer 2  Available soon
 400600    NeuMoDx Lysis Buffer 3  Available soon
 400700    NeuMoDx Lysis Buffer 4  Available soon
 400900    NeuMoDx Lysis Buffer 5  Available soon
 401700    NeuMoDx Lysis Buffer 6  Available soon
 401600    NeuMoDx Viral Lysis Buffer  Available soon
 401500    NeuMoDx Vantage Viral Lysis Buffer  Available soon
 235903    Hamilton® CO-RE Tips (300 µL) with Filters  Available soon
 235905    Hamilton® CO-RE Tips (1000 µL) with Filters  Available soon
 600100    NeuMoDx Biohazard Waste Bag  Available soon
 601000    NeuMoDx Biohazard Tip Waste Bag  Available soon