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Automated PCR

Reimagine and simplify molecular testing

Gear up for high testing demands

We understand that in times of high demand, labs are facing increasing pressure to turn around results. To meet this demand, your lab needs full automation, faster turnaround times, scalability and streamlined workflows.

NeuMoDx can help ease the pressure for labs as a fully automated powerhouse with a swift and simple 3-step workflow. True random access and unitized reagents allow you to use only what you need – when you need it – during critical times.

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Now powerful is easy

Discover how easy it is to do automatic PCR with less waste for your lab and more results or your patients.

Expand your testing menu with the powerful NeuMoDx

The NeuMoDx System allows on-demand testing and is scalable to meet the needs of your lab. Explore the comprehensive assay menu for BBV, Transplant, SRH, Respiratory and self-developed assays.

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Hepatitis testing saves lives

Each year, viral hepatitis kills more people around the world than HIV/AIDS and malaria combined. Worldwide, more than 325 million people are living with hepatitis. Early detection and treatment of viral hepatitis can help stop the spread and save lives.

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