Investigate the mechanisms of cancer

Liquid biopsy

Investigate the mechanisms of cancer using circulating tumor cells

Gain new insights by discovering the power of circulating tumor cells

Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are very important targets for cancer research. Their detection and molecular characterization enable researchers to gain new insights in the mechanism of cancer. However, detecting them against the background of normal cells in whole blood can be challenging, as it requires selective enrichment of CTCs or removal of other nucleated cells while maintaining the variability of tumor cell expression.

The AdnaTest Select and Detect system is a complete solution taking you from CTC isolation from whole blood to molecular characterization. It offers highly specific immunomagnetic cell selection and highly sensitive RT-PCR technology to support in-depth investigations of CTC characteristics and molecular signal transduction pathways in all major tumor entities. AdnaTest overcomes some of the principle challenges in CTC research.

  • To help increase sensitivity while avoiding false negative results, AdnaTest enables highly specific tumor cell enrichment thanks to a combination of 3 different antibodies that bind to different epitopes or antigens.
  • The assay uses highly sensitive RT-PCR technology with a combination of mRNA tumor markers based on the “combination of combinations principle”
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