Upgrade to the enhanced PyroMark Q96 ID SW 2.5

Details for upgrading your PyroMark Q96 ID application software

Integrated Automated Solutions
Previous versions of PyroMark Q96 ID Software stored Pyrosequencing runs in an Oracle database. Users upgrading to PyroMark Q96 ID Software 2.5 must first use the free PyroMark Data Converter Tool to convert this run database into a file-based format that is compatible with the enhanced software.

The PyroMark Data Converter Tool converts Pyrosequencing runs set up and completed with a previous version of the PyroMark Q96 ID Software into a file format that is compatible with PyroMark Q96 ID Software 2.5. This tool copies the run data, converts the data to the new format, and exports the converted data to the location specified by the user. Only sequence analysis (SQA) and genotyping (SNP) runs that have been executed and completed will be converted. CpG assays generated with the PyroMark CpG Software do not need to be converted. These runs are in a format that is already compatible with the PyroMark Q96 ID Software 2.5. Runs containing multiplex assay data cannot be converted and are skipped during the conversion procedure.
  • Download the free PyroMark Data Converter from the resources section below. In order to download this software, you must register your instrument with a valid serial number.
  • Install the PyroMark Data Converter software on the instrument operating computer containing the database of runs to be converted. This computer must be running the Microsoft Windows XP operating system.
  • Refer to the PyroMark Data Converter Handbook for instructions for using the tool and converting the run database.

Important: This tool is only for users upgrading from the Oracle-based version of PyroMark Q96 ID Software. The PyroMark Data Converter Tool is only compatible with Microsoft Windows XP. Users also planning to upgrade to Windows 7 must convert their data into the new format before upgrading their operating system. Runs that have not been converted cannot be accessed with PyroMark Q96 ID Software 2.5.

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