What’s new from QIAGEN?

To best serve our life sciences customers, we continually develop innovative solutions that offer new workflow possibilities or improve on existing ones. See how you can achieve greater sensitivity, specificity, speed and versatility in sample preparation, genomics and digital PCR with our newest solutions.

QIAwave Kits

Say hello to greater sustainability in research. QIAwave Kits use up to 63% less plastic and up to 42% less cardboard than our standard kits, as well as waste tubes made of recycled plastic. Learn more about QIAwave for DNA, RNA and plasmid DNA isolation.

QIAseq FastSelect Custom RNA Removal Kits
QIAseq FastSelect Custom RNA Removal Kits

Remove unwanted ribosomal, globin and RNA removal from your RNA-seq library preparations with our new customizable RNA removal kits, designed using the GeneGlobe Customize Next-Generation Sequencing builder.

QIAseq miRNA Library
QIAseq miRNA 12/96 Index Kit IL UDI

The new QIAseq miRNA 12/96 Index Kit IL UDI enables researchers to run up to 768 miRNA-seq libraries at once, meaning more samples can be pooled into a single sequencing run.


Sensitive and specific miRNA quantification using QIAcuity EvaGreen-based dPCR. Discover the best combination of performance and ease-of-use for microRNA PCR with universal reverse transcription and LNA PCR amplification.

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