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Blood cancer is an overarching term for cancers affecting the blood, bone marrow and lymphatic system. Other terms for blood cancer are hematological cancer and hematological malignancies. Blood cancer typically starts in the bone marrow, where blood is produced.

There are over 100 different types of blood cancer, each involving different key genes. This makes it impossible to have a single technology solution or approach to blood cancer care. But by closely examining the role of various signaling pathways and targeting specific steps in those pathways, we can identify specific molecular markers for each blood cancer type.

Global Oncohematology Summit 2023

Global Oncohematology Summit: Sep 13 and 14

There are significant challenges impacting blood cancer diagnosis, monitoring and patient care. Join our great lineup of experts in taking the I Can pledge – a decision that improves patients’ lives – and register for our two-day, CME and CPD-accredited event

Hematological malignancies vary widely due to wide biologic and genetic heterogeneity. Identifying specific, relevant molecular markers is crucial to advancing precision medicine and molecular research for blood cancer. However, data overload, multiple complex workflows from different vendors, and ever-evolving needs can pose challenges.

With our comprehensive Sample to Insight solutions, you only need one partner to help you overcome these issues and support your path to oncohematology advancements.

Shifting the paradigm in oncohematology clinical testing using digital PCR

Digital PCR (dPCR) is changing the game in oncology clinical testing and diagnostics. It does this by offering clinicians high precision testing in a low footprint PCR workflow, and is characterized by:

  • Diagnostic precision* and accuracy
  • Use for monitoring patients' response to therapy
  • Use for testing from tissue and liquid biopsy samples
  • High precision* and inhibitor tolerance that's well adapted for liquid biopsy samples with low ctDNA/RNA concentration

A diagnostic test method is described as precise when repeated analyses on the same sample give similar results

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Oncohematology webinar hub

Watch our most recent webinars to learn how experts have successfully incorporated multiple technologies from one partner to personalize blood cancer care. Plus, get the latest insights on our oncohematology assays, platforms and services.

The power of having one oncohematology partner

We support your clinical blood cancer care and molecular research with a comprehensive assay, platform and service portfolio. In addition, we have broad expertise in IVD development and global regulatory and commercialization capabilities – making us the trusted partner for your blood cancer companion diagnostics.

A comprehensive, integrated oncohematology workflow
  • European biomedical lab experience

    Learn how a European laboratory successfully partnered with QIAGEN to improve leukemia patient care with molecular analysis. They implemented our end-to-end solution for JAK2 V617F and CALR testing that only requires a single blood sample.

    Your partner this blood cancer awareness month
  • Clinical research lab experience
    Discover how flexible NGS panels have streamlined clinical cancer research, with higher throughput and efficiency, to maintain a laboratory’s competitive edge.
    Maximize blood cancer clinical research with  flexible NGS panels
  • North American biomedical lab experience

    Discover how partnering with QIAGEN has helped enable a laboratory to quickly build patient-specific reports with the latest diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic information.

    Dr. Frederick K. Racke, Medical Director
  • Sue Branford: Leading inspirational scientist
    Professor Sue Branford is Head of the Leukemia Lab in the Department of Genetics and Molecular Pathology at SA Pathology. She is a National Health and Medical Research Council Research Fellow and leads the International Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Genomics Alliance. Learn about her journey and outstanding accolades, and her contributions to fighting blood cancer.
    Sue Branford, Head of the Leukaemia Lab in the Department
  • Your partner this blood cancer awareness month
    European biomedical lab experience
  • Maximize blood cancer clinical research with  flexible NGS panels
    Clinical research lab experience
  • Dr. Frederick K. Racke, Medical Director
    North American biomedical lab experience
  • Sue Branford, Head of the Leukaemia Lab in the Department
    Sue Branford: Leading inspirational scientist


QIAcuity Digital PCR instruments are sold under license from Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.and exclude rights for use with pediatric applications

QIAcuityDx medical device is currently under development and will be available in 20 countries in H2 2024.