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BioSprint 15 DNA Plant Kit

For rapid and economical automated purification of total DNA from plant tissue
  • Complete removal of contamination and inhibitors
  • Pure DNA, ready for use in genotyping applications
  • Automated procedure saves time and effort
  • No organic extraction or alcohol precipitation

The BioSprint 15 DNA Plant Kit provides automated purification of total DNA from plant tissue on the BioSprint 15 using proven MagAttract magnetic particle technology. The kit contains all reagents and plasticware necessary for automated DNA purification.

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Cat No./ID: 941517
BioSprint 15 DNA Plant Kit (360)
For 360 preps: 5-Rod Covers, 5 Tube Strips, MagAttract Suspension G, Buffers and Reagents
The BioSprint 15 DNA Plant Kit is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

Product Details

Efficient processing of magnetic particles.
High PCR performance of DNA purified using the BioSprint 15 DNA Plant Kit.
Genomic DNA was purified from 50 mg samples of fresh leaf tissue from cotton and wheat using the BioSprint 15 DNA Plant Kit and BioSprint 15 DNA Plant protocol. DNA was eluted in 200 µl Buffer AE. Amplification (20 µl reaction volume) was carried out using the trnL PCR system (amplifying an intergenic region of a tRNA coding gene in the chloroplast genome) with 5 µl, 0.5 µl, or 0.05 µl purified DNA from 4 cotton samples and 3 wheat samples. PCR products were visualized on a 0.8% agarose gel. M: markers (1 kb ladder).
BioSprint DNA Plant procedure.

DNA can be successfully purified from a variety of plant species and material (see table).

DNA purified from a wide range of plant species
Arabidopsis*Rose (new leaves)*
Cotton*Rose (old leaves)*
French Bean§ Soybean
Lupine§Swedish turnip§
Orange§Turnip radish§

DNA was purified from the following sample types: *fresh leaf tissue/needles;lyophilized leaves; dried seed powder; § seeds.

Purified DNA is up to 40 kb in size. The DNA is ready to use in a range of downstream applications, including PCR and real-time PCR, genotyping, and microsatellite analysis (see figure "High PCR performance of DNA purified using the BioSprint 15 DNA Plant Kit").

The BioSprint 15 DNA Plant Kit is used with the BioSprint 15. The kit uses magnetic-particle technology for rapid DNA purification from plant material. The BioSprint 15 controls an array of magnetic rods that can attract or release magnetic particles and transfer them from tube to tube. The sequential transfer of magnetic particles allows a rapid purification procedure to be performed, from the initial binding of DNA to the particles, through to washing of the particles and elution of pure DNA (see figure "Efficient processing of magnetic particles"). Since the instrument transfers magnetic particles instead of liquids, it uses minimal amounts of reagents, enabling cost-efficient sample preparation.
The BioSprint 15 DNA Plant Kit enables purification of total DNA from a wide variety of plant species, including difficult plant material. Fresh, frozen, or lyophilized starting material is mechanically disrupted to give a fine powder using a homogenizer such as the TissueLyser LT or TissueLyser II. The powder is resuspended in lysis buffer, thoroughly mixed, and then sedimented by a short centrifugation step. Cleared plant lysates are transferred to a 5-well strip and loaded into the instrument, which then performs all steps until pure DNA is obtained (see flowchart "BioSprint DNA Plant procedure"). The kit provides all the necessary reagents and plasticware for sample preparation, and is available in different sizes, allowing cost-efficient use of consumables.

The BioSprint 15 DNA Plant Kit purifies DNA for use in a range of downstream applications, including:

  • PCR
  • Real-time PCR
  • Genotyping
  • Microsatellite analysis


Applications PCR, real-time PCR, genotyping
Elution volume 200 µl
For automated processing BioSprint 15 workstation
Format 5-tube strip, S-Block
Main sample type Plant samples
Processing Automated
Purification of total RNA, miRNA, poly A+ mRNA, DNA or protein DNA
Sample amount 10–100 mg
Technology Magnetic particles
Time per run or per prep 18 minutes
Yield 5–50 µg

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