working with Qiagen sample preparation in lab
Automated Sample Preparation

Power up your research

We get a huge variation of samples, including blood that isn’t always stored as it should have been. ... QIAsymphony delivers the most stable results.

Dr. Kerstin Stangier, Director of Production, GATC BIOTECH

Why automate with QIAGEN?

QIAGEN is the gold standard for sample purification. Nobel Prize winners and other researchers have cited our nucleic acid extraction kits in over 200,000 publications worldwide.

And what could be better suited for automating QIAGEN kits than QIAGEN automated nucleic acid extraction platforms?

You, too, can create timely data for publication in top-rank journals with the help of QIAGEN automation. Read on to find out how.

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A small company like ours must work in a very cost-efficient manner. ... To achieve this, we use QIAsymphony, which can process up to 500 qPCR samples per day.
Sara Ramió, technical director, GoodGut
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Who uses QIAGEN automated nucleic acid extraction platforms?

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