Digital PCR allows the absolute quantification of targets without the use of any standards. In this webinar, the underlying statistics of the analysis will be discussed. In addition, key parameters such as the concentration factor lambda, partition volume, confidence intervals and dead volume will be explained. Special emphasis will be laid on adherence to the digital MIQE (dMIQE) and the updated dMIQE2020 guidelines.

About the speaker
Andreas Missel, Ph.D., Director, R&D
Dr. Missel is the Director of Research and Development at QIAGEN, responsible for the continuous innovation of nucleic acid modification and amplification technologies and products, such as reagents and assays for QIAGEN's standard and real-time PCR, RT-PCR, HRM solutions, and, most recently, digital PCR. Dr. Missel received his Ph.D. in molecular biology and biochemistry from the Gene Center at the University of Munich. He has worked in various capacities in the biotechnology industry for more than 20 years.
Date of recording:Wednesday, December 14, 2022
Duration:60 minutes
Biomedical Research
Molecular Biology
Digital PCR