MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are short non-coding RNAs, which are shown to post-transcriptionally regulate gene expression. Since miRNAs are present in both tissues and body fluids, they have a great potential as non-invasive diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers. Deregulation of miRNA expression has been found to contribute significantly to the pathogenesis, progression and prognosis of many types of cancer. miRNA expression in malignant cells is often related to alterations in miRNA copy numbers and gene locations. In addition to miRNAs, copy number variations (CNVs) have been identified in various cancer types. Over the past few decades, cancer research has made tangible advances. However, robust quantification of miRNA and CNV can be difficult, especially in samples with a high inhibitory burden or low nucleic acid content. Digital PCR using the QIAcuity system allows you to overcome these limitations and detect and quantify miRNAs and CNVs with high sensitivity and precision.

This webinar will cover:

  • Accurate and precise quantification of miRNAs using dedicated assays on the QIAcuity 
  • Multiplex detection of up to five CNVs using dedicated assays on the QIAcuity
About the speaker
Afif M. Abdel Nour PhD., Associate Director of Global Strategic Marketing, Digital PCR
Afif M. Abdel Nour has a Ph.D. in Oncology and specializes in applied molecular biology techniques, mainly dPCR. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from ParisTech, Paris, France, and then went on to work as an Associate Professor in France, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia and published 40+ articles. Afif has worked as a genomics workflow Marketing Manager at Bio-Rad. He acts as an IVD consultant for many international and national companies. He has previously worked as a Professional Customer Solution Manager for dPCR for QIAGEN, France and Italy.
Domenica Martorana, Scientist R&D, Digital PCR Assay Development
Dr. Domenica Martorana is an R&D scientist working on gene regulation and digital PCR assay product development at QIAGEN, Hilden, Germany. She studied Molecular and Cellular Biology at the Georg-August University in Göttingen (Germany), where she received her Ph.D. in 2019. Her Ph.D. research focused on the transcriptional regulation of the unfolded protein response in both fungi and higher eukaryotes. Along the way, she has gathered extensive experience in gene editing and gene regulation in different international projects. Since joining QIAGEN in 2019, Dr. Martorana has been involved in the development of CRISPR- and functional genomics-related products as well as in dPCR application products with a focus on cell and gene therapy.
Dr. Oezlem Karalay, Senior Scientist, Digital PCR Assay Development
Oezlem Karalay studied Molecular Biology & Genetics at the Middle East Technical University, Turkey, and obtained her M.Sc. degree in Neuroscience from the MPI for Developmental Biology, Tübingen. She received her doctorate in Neuroscience from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zürich. She joined QIAGEN after completion of her postdoctoral research at the MPI for Biology of Ageing, Köln, and since then has been involved in developing the digital PCR assay portfolio, including mutation detection and CNV assays.
Date of recording:Wednesday, July 20, 2022
Duration:60 minutes
Cancer (other / various)
Digital PCR