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Cancer microbiome research explores the impact of the human microbiome for carcinogenesis, cancer progression, response to cancer therapy and the potential future of microbiome alterations in cancer therapy stratification. QIAGEN has developed dedicated products that help to unravel the role of the host-associated microbial communities in cancer. 

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Cancer microbiome samples are often complex and difficult to lyse. Furthermore, inhibitors present in these samples and background DNA and RNA can cause inaccurate quantification of nucleic acids and may inhibit downstream applications.

QIAGEN offers a broad range of solutions to help to advance cancer microbiome research. 

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Featured article: Good Gut

Current screening and diagnostic methods for Colorectal cancer (CRC) often result in false positives. Colonoscopies, an invasive procedure that can lead to severe complications and even death, are the main diagnostic resource. GoodGut’s objective is to develop a non-invasive pioneering Risk Assessment for Intestinal Disease Colorectal Cancer (RAID-CRC) by using biomarkers in stool samples for fast, cost effective and patient-friendly procedures.

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The cutting edge of cancer research is finding connections between tumor growth and the composition of gut microbiomes. Meet Wadie D. Mahauad-Fernandez, Ph.D. He explores how the delicate interplay of chemicals produced by gut flora impacts cancer, defining the gut microbiota's role in the growth of oncogene- addicted cancers.


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Gut microbiomes as a cancer therapy

A person's microbiome affects not only their overall health but also the effectiveness of certain therapies. Dr. Hannah Wardill researches gut-species with the goal of lowering the side effects that come with oncological patient care.

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