Partnering with My Green Lab

We’ve partnered with My Green Lab as part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability-driven initiatives. My Green Lab is a non-profit organization with a mission to build a global culture of sustainability in science.

Below you will learn about My Green Lab eco-labels (ACT) and the Lab Ambassador and Certification Programs.

The program extends to the 50 prep kit sizes and now includes the QIAwave RNA Plus Mini Kit for RNA isolation and integrated gDNA removal and the QIAwave DNA/RNA Mini Kit for simultaneous DNA and RNA isolation, as well as the respective standard kits.

QIAwave, Seedcard

What is an ACT label?

ACT stands for accountability, consistency, and transparency. The labels are designed to evaluate and score products on several sustainability criteria, such as energy and waste use, responsible chemical management, disposal of the packaging at the end of life, and sustainable content within products and packaging materials, among other factors.

Below you will see a guide to help you interpret these labels, and the labels for each of our sample extraction kit that have been assessed.

How to interpret an ACT label

Like nutrition labels, the ACT label shows how products 'rate' in sustainability-related categories. Products are scored from 1 to 10 except for energy and water consumption, which are scored as 1 point per kWh or gallon, respectively. A low score means a lower environmental impact.

How did our extraction kits score?

Compared to our standard kits, our eco-friendlier QIAwave Kits have a lower Environmental Impact Factor, as shown in the table below. In summary, QIAwave Kits also showed:

• improved product content compared to standard kits (from 10 down to 1)
• improved packaging content compared to standard kits (from 5 down to 1)
• improved packaging end-of-life compared to standard kits (some regional differences)


 Product  Environmental Impact Factor (EU)   ACT labels  Cat. nos.
 Kit size  50 prep kit  250 prep kit  US  EU UK   50  250
 RNA isolation  
 QIAwave RNA Plus Mini Kit  28.5  28.5  50, 250  50, 250  50, 250   74634  74636
 RNeasy Plus Mini Kit  33.6  33.5  50, 250  50, 250  50, 250  74134  74136
 QIAwave RNA Mini Kit  24.5  25  50, 250  50, 250  50, 250  74534  74536
 RNeasy Mini Kit  33.6  40.1  50, 250  50, 250  50, 250  74104  74106
 Genomic DNA isolation
 QIAwave DNA Blood & Tissue Kit  24.5  25  50, 250  50, 250  50, 250  69554  74536
 DNeasy Blood & Tissue Kit  33.6  39.8  50, 250  50, 250  50, 250  69504  69506
 DNA and RNA isolation in parallel
 QIAwave DNA/RNA Mini Kit  24.5    50  50  50  80504  
 Allprep DNA/RNA Mini Kit  33.6    50  50  50  80204  
 Plasmid DNA purification
 QIAwave Plasmid Miniprep Kit  28.5  25  50, 250  50, 250  50, 250  27204  27206
 QIAprep Spin Miniprep Kit  33.7  40.3  50, 250  50, 250  50, 250  27104  27106

Savings in environmental impact

Meet the QIAwave products

My Green Lab Ambassador and Certification Programs

We’re taking part in the My Green Lab Ambassador  and Certification Programs so we can make our R&D labs more sustainable. The Ambassador Program offers a crash course in lab sustainability for scientists and lab professionals, emphasizing behavioral changes that promote greener laboratory operations. The Certification Program is the gold standard for laboratory sustainability best practices worldwide and is recognized by the United Nations Race to Zero campaign. Our first achievement is the Platinum award for the Sample Technologies development lab.