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Human identification and forensics

Database and kinship

A unified workflow can make all the difference

Worldwide, criminal justice systems have seen a huge increase in the number of submissions to DNA databases. To help you meet these demands, we've developed workflow solutions that enable high-throughput processing while maintaining the quality and process safety required of any criminal justice workflow. Our dedicated products provide reproducible, safe and easy sample collection, transport and processing. Plus, our comprehensive range of automated solutions can standardize your workflow and minimize hands-on time. Discover how our products can give you the unified workflow you need to have confidence in your results, no matter the throughput.

Database solutions

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No more backlogs!
Working in high-throughput database, reference or paternity laboratories, you face unique challenges related to DNA sample processing every day. Maintaining the same high first-time success rates with increasing sample numbers and cost per sample means a constant endeavor to maintain quality standards and sample continuity. QIAGEN has developed easy-to-automate solutions that fit all throughput needs. Discover how our easy-to-automate solutions can increase the efficiency of your laboratory workflows, enabling hundreds of samples to be processed each day.
How would our unified workflow solutions benefit your lab?

Standardizing your lab's workflow can make sample processing faster, safer and more efficient. Explore our visual guide to learn more about our approach to developing unified workflows for reference and database labs. 

Paternity cases involving blood relatives, HID
Streamline your paternity and kinship testing workflow
Autosomal STRs are in worldwide use for kinship and forensic analysis, and the extended CODIS set has brought powerful upgrades to the battery of core markers available. However, there are still scenarios where supplementary STRs could enhance the data necessary for interpreting complex kinship patterns. That’s why QIAGEN offers a broad portfolio of preanalytical and analytical products for all types of kinship analyses.
Paternity cases involving blood relatives, HID
Start getting clear, reliable Y-STR results
Y-STR haplotype analysis is well established in resolving paternity disputes of male offspring and other types of paternal kinship testing, including historical cases. The Investigator Argus Y-28 QS Kit is designed for optimal performance and unparalleled discrimination. In particular, the inclusion of six rapidly mutating Y-STRs supports the resolution of paternal lineages and discriminates between closely related males. Obtain trusted results for challenging samples in less time.
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