What if your lab could perform exome sequencing with the same sensitivity and efficiency of targeted sequencing? The new integrated QIAseq Human Exome TR Insights solution from QIAGEN delivers the best of both worlds. Consisting of three seamlessly integrated components – the QIAseq Human Exome Panel, QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench and QCI Interpret Translational – this innovative solution combines highly specific and uniform exome coverage with streamlined secondary analysis, rapid variant filtering and variant annotation to help labs quickly and confidently deliver disease-related insights at scale. Join us for a presentation where we will discuss the new solution in detail, focusing on the following: 

• Technical overview and performance data on exome enrichment 
• Accelerating and standardizing your variant detection and calling 
• Rapid triage and annotation of variants with full transparency, leveraging powerful algorithms and manually-curated content from over 40 databases 
• Data analysis and interpretation demonstration with QCI Interpret Translational 

The integrated QIAseq Human Exome solution translates insights into better outcomes, enabling labs to scale up efficiently. 
About the speaker
Michael Hadjisavas, Ph.D., Vice President Product Management, Genomics
Peter Hahn, Ph.D., Associate Director, R&D, NGS technology development
Julie Deschenes, Ph.D., M.B.A, Directory, Global Product Management, Clinical Genomics Platform & Hereditary Cancer
Jim Hayes, Sr., Ph.D., Clinical Field Application Scientist, Applied Advanced Genomics
Date of recording:Monday, November 9, 2020
Duration:1 hour 15 minutes
Next Generation Sequencing
Informatics & Data