Welcome back to the four-part webinar series about plasmid preparation, PCR and NGS. In this fourth webinar, our discussion will focus on tips and tricks to standardize your PCR. Increasing complexity and heterogeneity in PCR puts challenges on designing and performing experiments. Reproducibility and precision are crucial when assessing minor changes in expression profiles or investigating low-abundant targets. We will discuss how to tackle irreproducibility in molecular research and the importance of optimization and standardization setup and procedure to minimize pre-analytical variables in your experiments.

The presenter from the PCR product management team of QIAGEN will provide an overview of improving process safety and share tips on designing PCR experiments. The Q&A session allows participants to raise their questions. It will be a 15-20 minute presentation from our speaker, Dr. Dirk Schacht, followed by Q&A session.

About the speaker
Dirk Schacht, Global Product Management
Dirk Schacht obtained his Diploma in Biology, focusing on microbiology and genetics, from the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany. Before joining QIAGEN in 1998, he held various national and international sales and marketing positions in diagnostic companies. Dirk is currently the Associate Director of Global Product Management in QIAGEN PCR Systems & Assays Team.
Date of recording:Wednesday, December 6, 2023
Duration:60 minutes
Academic Basic Research
Molecular Biology