The influence of the human microbiome on health is an important area of ongoing investigation for medicine and diagnostics. For these studies it is crucial to have a reliable, reproducible extraction method which is able to extract DNA of all microorganisms with comparable efficiency, while simultaneously depleting inhibitory substances which might disturb subsequent downstream analysis. We present the results of DNA extraction and microbiome analysis from stool, saliva, and a variety of swabs (buccal, vaginal, rectal, skin) using the DNeasy PowerSoil Pro/QIAamp PowerFecal Pro kits, including automation options and process handling improvements. 
About the speaker
Dirk Schacht, Associate Director Global Product Management
QIAGEN PCR Systems & Assays
Dirk Schacht obtained his Diploma in Biology, which was focused on microbiology and genetics, from the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany. Before joining QIAGEN in 1998, he held various national and international sales and marketing positions in diagnostic companies. Dirk is currently Associate Director Global Product Management in QIAGEN's PCR Systems & Assays Team.
Date of recording:Friday, November 20, 2020
Duration:40 minutes