Supplier efficiency ads an extra challenge to development of tailored components for your assays. Commercializing molecular assays requires a partner to provide quality components, supply security and capabilities for expansion.

QIAGEN is a leading provider of PCR solutions with proven know-how in the development of molecular assays and reagents. We are also strong in optimizing production procedures. Through our experience as an OEM partner, we have created tailored solutions we offer in molecular kit and assay development. By partnering with us you don’t only get quality components and expertise, our vast portfolio breadth allows you to enhance your supply chain efficiencies. Dirk Schacht describes QIAGEN’s approach to kit development and respective support options for OEM partners around RT- and PCR-enzymes, mastermix formulations, assay development and their supply.

About the speaker
Dirk Schacht, Associate Director Global Product Management
QIAGEN PCR Systems & Assays
Dirk Schacht obtained his Diploma in Biology, which was focused on microbiology and genetics, from the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany. Before joining QIAGEN in 1998, he held various national and international sales and marketing positions in diagnostic companies. Dirk is currently Associate Director Global Product Management in QIAGEN's PCR Systems & Assays Team.
Date of recording:Thursday, October 15, 2020
Duration:40 minutes
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