Bode Technology has been using QIAGEN extraction procedures since 2005. With casework volumes increasing and turnaround times decreasing, the need for a flexible high-throughput extraction solution was evident. Bode has performed several optimization studies using the QIAsymphony SP to increase throughput while maintaining or increasing the quality of resulting data. This presentation will cover the use of different lysis volumes and elution volumes, TopElute Fluid, and stability studies for adding flexibility to standard operating procedures. In addition, process flow will be discussed, demonstrating how to optimize QIAsymphony SP functionality in a high-throughput setting.
About the speaker
Amy Jeanguenat,
Amy Jeanguenat is Vice President of Operations and Laboratory Director for Bode Technology. She has been with Bode for ten years and manages full laboratory operations, including overseeing applied research efforts for the development of new services for the crime laboratory and law enforcement markets.
Mario Scherer, Ph.D.,
Dr. Mario Scherer is Associate Director Scientific Applications in the Human Identity and Forensic Testing R&D department at QIAGEN. He joined QIAGEN in 2006 to work on forensic technologies and plays a key role in the development of the forensic sample preparation and assay portfolio extension. He also played a major role in the development of QIAsymphony protocols and new STR chemistry.
Date of recording:Sunday, September 2, 2018
Duration:45 minutes
Human ID & Forensics