Diving into plant DNA extraction is like navigating a dense jungle, filled with unexpected challenges. The incredible diversity of plants brings about unique obstacles, such as the presence of polysaccharides and polyphenols, the need to break through tough cell walls, and interference from a variety of secondary metabolites. These obstacles can impede downstream application analysis, highlighting the need for optimal DNA extraction protocols that can produce consistently high yields across different species.

In this webinar, we’ll provide you with tips and tricks for handling different types of plant samples, specifically:

  • Proper sample collection and disruption
  • Optimized extraction techniques for maximum yield and successful downstream analysis
  • Automating sample preparation for consistent extraction and purification results

Let our scientists help you navigate through the complexity of plant DNA extractions.

About the speaker
Dominic ONeil, M.S., M.B.A., Director, Microbiome Product Development
Dominic O'Neil has over 20 years of experience in the biotechnology industry. Before joining QIAGEN, he gained molecular biology expertise at several companies, including three years at the Whitehead/MIT Center for Genome Research in Cambridge, MA, where he participated in the completion of the initial draft of the human genome. Dominic joined Digene (which later became part of QIAGEN) in 2004 to work on new technology research and development, focusing in particular on sample preparation and diagnostic applications. In 2011, he joined the QIAGEN R&D group in Hilden to work on solutions for next-generation sequencing. Starting in 2015, he focused on microbiome extraction and associated workflows and now leads the R&D group as Director for Microbiome Product Development.
Dr. Anna-Lena Feldberg, Associate Global Product Manager - Automated Solutions
Dr. Anna-Lena Feldberg is an Associate Global Product Manager at QIAGEN GmbH, Germany. She obtained her Master of Science degree in Chemistry in 2019 focusing on biochemistry and biotechnology and received her PhD in 2023 working in the field of protein chemistry. Dr. Feldberg joined QIAGEN at the beginning of this year and is responsible for the QIAcube Connect and QIAcube HT.
Date of recording:Thursday, May 23, 2024
Duration:60 minutes
Academic Basic Research
DNA Isolation
Plant Research